(Latin) v. – To believe, trust, have faith (in)

The road to believing is often best traveled through a sea of questions, for in that space, insight is often born. The four strangers at the center of Credere find that their lives are intertwined through death.

In heaven, Ida, Van, Macy, and Julius learn four important spiritual lessons; additionally, they learn that heaven is not a place of perfection, yet it embraces creativity, learning, and individuality. It’s those spiritual traits that make heaven an ever expanding, limitless state of greatness.

Exploring important current social themes, Credere shows that spiritual enlightenment welcomes all forms of human expression. Through both death and the act of rebirth, the characters learn that we all have our own divine heavenly purposes. Peace becomes the outcome when we travel an enlightened path on the road that leads to your heart’s song – a song of divine purpose. We only need to believe.

dear readers

Believe: “No one’s life is perfect, yet that is not what the creation story is about;
instead, it is a story based in hope,” the Voice said.